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Farglow is a town in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Farglow was named by the imps when they observed the glow of flames at night, which was taken on when the hamlet itself heard of the name.

Before it was destroyed by the Black Ring during the great war, the village was a hunter community. After the war, wizards and warriors constructed a secret retreat. It has since become a part of a disciple Dragon Slayer's training, the final stop before they become a fully fledged Slayer.


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Notable loot[edit]

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Related quests[edit]


  • Some containers and items only appear after mindreading specific characters.
  • There are two locked chests in the town:
    • One is found to the right of Alberic; requires 1 skill point in Lockpick.
    • The other is found in corner behind brush; requires Edmund's key.

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