Fire'em Up!

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Fire'em Up!
Quest details
Given by
Addtional rewards
1 from 2815xp, 900g, 5 items

Fire 'em Up! is an optional quest in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance that is assigned by Bedwyr on the second floor of the Phoenix Inn in the Great Market district of Aleroth. It only takes a few minutes to complete. The reward is decent, and it allows you to enchant items in Aleroth without teleporting back to your Battle Tower.


Unlocking the room[edit]

The Phoenix Inn - Bedwyr - Door Key.png


Enter the Phoenix Inn and watch a cutscene as a ghost scares off a drunken guard. Optionally converse with the ghost to learn a few bits a story related to the enchanter you're about to help. Grab the "Enchanter Room Key" off the end table behind the ghost and walk upstairs to the next floor.

The Phoenix Inn - Bedwyr - Door.png


Make a left at the top of the stairs and follow the walkway around to the enchanter's room. After you unlock the door and enter the room you will be greeted by our quest-giving collection of bones. Offer to help Bedwyr and leave the Phoenix Inn.

The next step is finding a goblin to purchase an energy orb from. If you've been down Lanilor Lane you make a quick trip through the teleporter. Otherwise, make you way down the path left of the Ministry.

No discount for you![edit]

Aleroth - Map - Kaan.png


Find the goblin, Kaan, at the spot marked on the map to the left. Like many vendors he offers an assortment of goods and can be mindread for lower prices. This unfortunately does not apply to energy orbs. The orb will cost you 5678 gold.


Quest Map

The map shows the location of quest objectives. green indicates outdoor NPC, and blue the start and finish location.

Quest NPCs[edit]




He can be found locked in a second floor room at the Phoenix Inn.




He is frequently heard shouting in Lanilor Lane asking for a great Scaly One. Let's hope he's referring to you.

Quest Items[edit]

Goblin Energy Orb[edit]

Energy orb.png


An energy orb purchased from a goblin. Obviously.


Net reward: -3878 to -4778 gold depending on rewards chosen. The quest item requires 5678 gold. Gold loss may be offset if random item can be sold for more gold.