The Blighted Beaker

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The Blighted Beaker
Najaad, curse lifted

The Blighted Beaker is a Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance quest available at the Wild Willows Manor in the Crow's Nest district of Aleroth. After giving Najaad a drink to quench his thirst for the quest Bartender, enter the room directly north of his cell and loot the Troll Cell Key from the necromancer's corpse to free him. Asking why he doesn't leave his cell begins this quest - it seems that he is really a goblin cursed by a golden cup, and is too afraid of being re-captured or killed if spotted in Aleroth as a troll.


Finding the Queen's Cup[edit]

Cup at Wild Willow Manor

You may have already found Queen Ormhildr's Cup, or have completed some of the steps necessary to obtain it at Wild Willows Manor (also see the map below):

  1. Loot the Storage Room Key from the Doctor's corpse in the northwest room of the asylum's southeast wing
  2. Loot the Medicine Room Key from the Storage Room west of the lobby
  3. Mindread the patient Bedlam in the south-central cell of the southeast wing
  4. Enter the Medicine Room in the southeast corner of the southeast wing and pull the lever near the door
  5. Take Queen Ormhildr's Cup from the shelves near the teleporter in the formerly concealed area of the Medicine Room

Returning the Artifact[edit]

Cup on the altar

If you have not been to Gula's Archaeological Dig yet, note that:

  • You will need to obtain the key from Heleon on Lanilor Lane to unlock the dig site.
  • You can progress this quest, plus Fat Chance / Herbal Medicine / A Fraud a Day... simultaneously when inside.
  • You will need to smash the urns/crates at the bottom of the curved staircase to find a Troll Door Key ("3" on map below).

The entrance to Gula's Archaeological Dig is near the Mardaneus Plaza district's waypoint shrine. If you've been here before, be aware that the level 36 undead creatures within respawn so you will need to slaughter them again. Descend the stairs and follow the passage west, entering a large room at the end. Place Queen Ormhildr's Cup on her pedestal near the southwest corner of the room ("9" on map below).


Return to Najaad's cell at the Wild Willows Manor to discover that he has return to his normal goblin self. He thanks you for your help (you can mindread him for 7500 exp during this conversation to be scolded by Behrlihn for helping "cannon fodder") before leaving the asylum.


Map of the steps required to obtain Queen Ormhildr's Cup (next to teleporter, step 5 on map):
Wild Willows Manor map - Chez Chanelle second floor back room teleporter (D2 FoV location).png

Map of Gula's Archaeological Dig (The queen's pedestal is "9" on the map):
Gula's Archaeological Dig map (D2 FoV location).png


Journal Updates[edit]

Event Journal Entry
Quest Accepted Najaad is not a troll, but a cursed goblin! If I want to rescue him from this affliction, I need to find the cup and place it back on the altar.
Cup Acquired I have found Najaad's cup in the asylum. Now I must return it to the altar where it belongs. It is in a cave near the city gate, according to Najaad.
Cup Returned I have returned the cup to the Troll altar. I should see if Najaad's curse has been undone.
Quest Complete Najaad is a goblin again.