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Timpuk is a goblin trader found within the Red Hammer Goblin cave.

This is easily the most profitable enemy in the entire game: (Note : This exploit does not work always as intended, as Timpuk does not sell ingredients.)

  • Talk to Timpuk as you enter the cave.
  • Read his mind.
  • Next, go into his shop, and buy 1 heal potion, 1 mana potion, 1 of each ingredient he has (unless he only has one in stock), and 1 enchantment scroll (the cheapest one he has is fine, usually a greater health potion for 900ish gold).
  • Go up to the big goblin boss in here, and make all the goblins hostile to you.
  • After making the boss run away, go kill Timpuk. He will drop the remainder of his inventory in a loot bag.
  • This gets you several hundred ingredients, LOTS of potions, and some really strong enchantments as well.